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Security Level

Many merchants said when buying a security door: "Our security door is B-class." What is the A and B level of the security door?

The security level of the security door is generally divided into three types: A, B, and C. The C-level anti-theft performance is the highest, the B-level is the second, and the A-class is the lowest. Now the A and B-class civilians on the market are the most. The destructive opening time of the A-class anti-theft lock is not less than 15 minutes, and the technical opening time is not less than 1 minute. The anti-destructive opening time of the B-class anti-theft lock is 30 minutes, and the anti-technical opening time is not less than 5 minutes. (Note: The anti-technical opening time refers to the time when the professional unlocking technician opens the lock)

Surface quality of the door

In order to save costs, many unscrupulous manufacturers reduce the thickness of the steel plate, and the sandwich of the door is filled with cardboard, so that the safety of the security door is greatly reduced.

The materials used in the qualified anti-theft security doors are in compliance with national standards. The thickness of the steel frame of the steel door is not to be less than 2 mm. The thickness of the front and rear panels of the door is generally between 0.8 and 1 mm. Features a skeleton and stiffeners. B&Q provides high quality qualified security doors.

See the lock

The lock is not good. This anti-theft door is ineffective. The unqualified anti-theft door locks on the market are often shoddy, making the lock tongue short and the outer shell thin, which creates favorable "work" conditions for the thief.

The anti-theft lock is the most important part for the door, and the mechanical lock and the electronic lock are generally used. The anti-theft lock bolt used by the anti-theft door has a protruding length: the extension length of the A-level anti-theft door should be no less than 14 mm; the B-class should be no less than 20 mm. The outer casing of the anti-theft lock is generally made of steel plate with a thickness of not less than 2 mm or a material with a certain strength, and the folded edge and the opening should be welded or integrally stamped.

Choosing the hinge

Unqualified security doors also make hands and feet on the hinges, thinning the material, and making the diameter smaller. This kind of goods will be used in less than a year.

The hinge is a component that connects the door and the door frame to each other, and mainly serves to support the door body, and at the same time has a certain anti-theft function. At present, the hinges used in the security door are generally built-in and external. The built-in hinge is suitable for the external door. The external hinge is suitable for the inner door. For the inner door, the external hinge is used. The hinge shaft diameter is generally larger than 12 mm. The steel plate is rolled and its closed side must be welded.

Lock secure

When the door is selected, the installation of the lock is very important, and the cooperation of the door frame is very important. Otherwise, it will be very unsmooth when used. In some cases, the result of the door sinking and closing is not good.

Qualified security doors generally use three-way locks or five-position locks. Not only the door locks are locked, but also the upper and lower rails can be inserted into the lock to fix the door. Most doors also have a rubber seal on the door frame that does not give a harsh metal impact when the door is closed.

Process quality

The quality of the process is directly related to the beauty and firmness of the whole door. Because the welding of the inferior security door in the process is very rough, it affects the overall beauty.

Process quality should pay special attention to check for welding defects, such as open welding, unweld welding, and leakage welding. Check whether the cooperation between the door leaf and the door frame is dense, whether the gap is uniform, whether the opening is flexible, whether all the joints are dense, whether the paint plating is uniform, firm and smooth.

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